We’re in a DEEP FREEZE!!

Yes . . . YOU read that correctly!!  We are in a deep freeze for a few days (about a week), and I needed to make some Thank You cards for the wonderful holiday gifts!! 

This morning the temperature was -22 degrees, so I consider this -11 a warm up!!!

 I know the cards that I am making will certainly warm up the hearts of the loved ones that will receive these “Thank You” cards!  It is sad to think this is a fading practice.  An email, text, IM just doesn’t do the same “job” as a handmade card with sincere thoughts shared inside. Those that receive my cards share with me the cards are saved and brought back out throughout the year.  The holiday cards are often used as seasonal decoration.  I know the cards are made with love and mean a lot more to the recipents.

Again, as the last New Year card, I decided to use some retired products for this special card.  I have quite a bit I need to use up, and this seems like it’s the perfect place!!

You’ll notice I used the snowflake velume, a snowflake diecut, and snowflake designer series paper to bring in some of the winter elements. However, I did decide to warm up the card with the beautiful “Coastal Cabana” ink color, cardstock base, and bakers twine.  A strip a glitsy silver washi tape makes this card pop! The perfect seasonal Thank You card!

As with my other cards, I always make some extra cards for others to share with their loved ones.  You can see these cards in my online IditaCard Design Blog Shop as well as my Etsy Shop.  

Have a fabulous day, and remember to say Thank You to those that shared their time, talent, and treasure with you over these past few weeks and the upcoming year!!

 ~ Annette

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  1. Lisa

    Oh my soooo cold. I would die… props to you for making the most of it.

  2. Michele

    I love the cards but could not handle the cold! It is going to be 80 degrees here today!

  3. Eva

    Your card is beautiful! And I agree that thank you cards are very important for expressing our gratitude. Plus, it’s just good manners.

  4. Katherine Wolfe

    Gorgeous cards! I’m still a believer of the “thank you” card and am trying to raise our son to be as well. Love your post!

    1. Annette Durbin

      Thank you!! Thank you cards really lets the person know that you appreciate their gift or gesture. It’s like the sprinkles on a cupcake. Your son will appreciate giving and receiving them, too.

  5. Tracy

    Perfect Card for a cold snap! I grew up in Wasilla and remember those prolonged cold temps well!

  6. Noelle Collins

    We are usually that cold in January here in WI, but so far this year we have been pretty warm! I hear a snowstorm is coming this weekend, so we are getting prepared! Your cards are beautiful!

    1. Annette Durbin

      I hope you don’t get too much snow. Your neck of the woods can certainly get a boatload. Stay warm!


    Beautiful artwork! I loved making cards with my family years ago, but sadly we all kind of got too busy.

    1. Annette Durbin

      I know what you mean. The school year gets quite busy, as I’m a FT school teacher. However, when I need to destress, I design and create cards. My husband and I enjoy doing this together.

  8. Robin

    Brrrrr! We are melting over in Montana haha, beautiful cards thanks for the great ideas!

  9. Charlotte

    I love the colors with the pop of glitter for this card!! So beautiful.

  10. Lucy

    Super super cute card! It looks very nice!

  11. Lisa Manderino

    Love all of these designs! This is an awesome blog!

    1. Beautiful! I wish I was better about sending thank you cards. I always have made a point to do it for things like wedding/baby gifts, but not so much when it comes to Christmas or birthday gifts.

  12. Maria Gustafsson

    I’ve lived in that kind of deep freeze, for 2 years I lived in Winnipeg, MB and that was about all I could handle! I know your pain. The card is lovely, and I agree it is a travesty that most people no longer send cards.

  13. Angela

    What a lovely card – happy winter and stay warm

  14. Holly

    WOW you are in a deep freeze! Stay warm…or at least try!

  15. vanessa

    I could not even imagine experiencing temperatures this extreme. I’m shivering just thinking about it. Kudos to you for bravery. Great cards too!

    1. Annette Durbin

      Thanks! Fortunately, these cold snaps last about a week or so. I’m just glad we don’t have some wind on top of the cold temps.

  16. Sydney Delong

    Those are beautiful!

  17. Lucinda

    What a beautiful card! I love the snowflake vellum.

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