Veteran’s Day Thank You

A Special Thank You, Veterans!

I enjoy taking time to thank the service members and their families who make personal sacrifices everyday to protect us here on the homefront.  

Thank you to all our friends, family, and those we have yet to meet that have served in the USA Armed Forces!! We have many family members that have served (both our dads and many uncles), and are thankful for their service.  

Every year I create a special “Thank You, Veteran’s” card to share with my friends and family. Today I share the card I created for this year.

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My Personal Story

Patrick served 11 1/2 years in the Air Force. He began his career stationed at Dover, Delaware in 1988. I joined him there in 1989. We moved with our oldest two boys to Anchorage, Alaska (had our next two children at Elmendorf) and continued serving our country. This positive experience shaped “us” into a VERY strong couple who is grateful to call America home.
I am proud and grateful for the opportunity to stand beside Patrick through “thick and thin”. There were many times he was deployed for months on end to tours that were not the safest place to be during wartimes, and other times he was gone for training or TDY. These times were challenging for us all, but we had our family and military family to support us.
I was always grateful for the Air Force spousal community as we supported each other and made certain our children did not miss out on opportunities to be connected when dad was so far away. The bonds Patrick and I made with our military family, along with our kiddos’ bonds with their military friends are still strong. We still continue MANY of those connections today!

One of the things that I always like to do is let others know how grateful and appreciative I am of their support and kindness. As you know, crafting is my opportunity to create and relax. I had some time to create a new Veteran’s Day card that I wanted to share with you today. So this card is for all our Veteran family and friends near and far. Thank you for your service!!

Let’s Get the Details

I created this card using Real Red, Whisper White, Night of Navy, and Daffodile Delight colors.  I also pulled in some coordinating designer series paper.  I love how Stampin’ Up! provides a variety of materials with exact color matches.  I used the Loyal Leaves stamp set for the sentiments on the front and inside panels.  When I saw these sentiments back in July, I thought these would be perfect for this Veteran’s Day card. I also used Stitched Stars Dies for the inside panel embellishments and Curvy Dies to create the flag blowing in the wind.

Below you can view more details regarding this card.  Please bear with me while I work on my video and lighting skills.  As I create more videos, this process should get better and better.  Thank you for your grace. 

As you can see, this card is a very special card for me to create.  I  designed and created this year’s card with pride and humility.  I know first hand the sacrifices our service families make everyday, the pride members have towards their job and America, and appreciate their unending desire to protect and defend our freedoms. This is the thread that weaves through each branch of the Armed Services. 

A Thoughtful Thank You Gift

I want to share a thoughtful gift the 5th graders at my school made for our Veterans this year. I appreciate the kindness shared, and know that this thought brought a smile to my face, Patrick’s face, and others that received this gift. It may be hard to read the poem in the picture, so I will share it here.
~ We Salute You ~
Thank you for your service,
To this country we call home
Whether you served on the battlefront
Or kept the homefront strong.
Our small bit of gratitude is simply not enough
But know today, on Veteran’s Day
and all the days to come,
We honor you and your loved ones who have kept our country strong.
Thank you for letting me grow up in the home of the brave and the land of the free from one grateful ME!
~ Mrs. McKeel’s 5th grade class.
Thank you 5th graders for your thoughtful words!!!

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Final Thoughts About Veteran’s Day Cards

Thank you for supporting us and all those that served in the Armed Forces. Thank you to the families that served before us, gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms, and to all those currently serving in the Armed Forces.

I hope you enjoyed the card and my personal story that I’ve shared.  Remember to thank those Veteran’s and active duty service members for their duty here at home and around the world.

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    This is such a thoughtful way to show appreciation to our Veterans! Love it!

  2. Amanda Wilson

    Love this post! I grew up an Air Force brat all my childhood and have a strong love of country! I’m so thankful to all who have served. The card is gorgeous and I love the message from the 5th grade class!

    1. Annette Durbin

      Thank you!! I have a strong love for our country, too!! As a classroom teacher, I make certain my students have a better understanding about what an American is and how we live with pride.

  3. Sandi Barrett

    What a lovely way to recognize our veterans.

  4. Elaina

    It sounds like you had a great support system, that is so important. I can only image the sacrifices and the need to be with others who understand what it is like.

  5. Alexis Farmer

    Aww I love the card! Also, thank you to your husband for serving our country!

  6. Lisa S

    Beautiful card and fabulous story!

  7. Emily

    Wow these are awesome!!!

    1. Annette Durbin

      Thank you!! I really enjoyed designing and sharing this card!

  8. Lori

    Thanks to all the Veterans who have served and continue to serve today. Thanks for putting a special light on this holiday and the sacrifices that the military families make. Such a nice card you made.

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