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The Value of Handmade

How many times do you intend to get a card for a loved one or special occasion and don’t make it to the store to purchase a card?  Then when you are at the card section, you spend another 20 minutes reading the sentiment on the inside of the card to choose just the perfect card. 

I know exactly how you feel. 

Then you get to the check out and oftentimes the cards are $4-10.  If you are purchasing several cards for  appreciation days, graduation, or other times when bulk cards are needed, this can be expensive.

These are the exact reasons why I love to create my own hand crafted cards.

I’ve been creating handmade cards for many, many years.  I enjoy the opportunity to sit down and relax with just three simple ingredients:  paper, ink, and stamps.  I have found that I am able to create a handmade card in less than 30 minutes, save money and time, as well as share a handmade gift from the heart. 

Below are several cards I’ve been making over the past few months and haven’t been able to get them all posted with directions; however, I wanted to share these with you to inspire you to create your own cards.  

Thank You Cards

I recently held a home Pampered Chef kitchen show (and decided to market the products), and enjoyed creating these thank you cards for each of my guests.  This cute card uses retired products and had plenty of space for me to write my own sentiment inside each card.

Check my online supply store for discounted retired items to get started.

I also thought these cute cards would be great to share with some baked goods that you may be gifting someone.  I know I would NOT find this “theme” related card at the store, another fun reason to create my own cards.  How much time do you spend looking at the card front panels to chose the perfect card for the person? 

Sympathy Cards

Unfortunately, I have had to make some sympathy cards for friends.  It is always a sad card to make; however, I try to design my cards with some joy to support the person who lost their loved one and know this person is at peace.  

These handmade cards are much more meaningful than the store bought cards, since your own sentiment can be written to share your thoughts.  Sometimes it is hard to put your thoughts into words and this is an opportunity to add a sentiment that is simple, yet healing.   

Below are some cards I made using current designer series paper, “Hand Penned Petals”, and fresh spring colors.  These materials will be available to purchase after May 3 in my store.  

Appreciation Day

I made these cute Administrative Secretary Appreciation Day cards for our staff at school.  These two ladies work very hard helping our school run smoothly, and they are always there when we are in a pinch.  

Our school mascot is a “huskies” dog and the colors (I’m sure you can tell) are red and black.  The designer series paper, “Pampered Pets”, is on the retired list, so snag this quick if you would like to get some of this cute paper.  These cards were signed by the staff and presented with some other goodies!!  I enjoyed designing and creating these cards to share!

Appreciation cards

As you can see, creating amazing cards can be done easily, timely, and a way to personally share your thoughts.

Create your own cards with a stamp, ink, and paper.  If the thought of designing a card is scary, no worries!  Simply look at another design and CASE it!  In the crafting field, we call that Copy And Share Everythig!  If you woul like to have the paper, ink, and stamps already selected an all yo have to do is follow some directions, I’d love to share with you two different options: Paper Pumpkin and Kit Collection (coming May 4).  These are both fabulous options to get started making cards, saving time and money, and providing a special gift for your friends and family.  Check out the Paper Pumpkin videos to learn more about this product. 

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Final Thoughts on Handmade

Creating handmade cards is a great way to share your personal thoughts with another person and saves you some time and money in the process.  Check my shop for current items and recently retired items, scroll through my blog for more inspriation, and visit my Etsy stores for retired items and cards that I have for sale.  

Share a handmade card and

receive a smile in return. 

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