Quick Handmade Birthday Cards

Check out these cute birthday cards!! 

I made these cards with the March 2019 kit.  I was getting ready for an out of state trip and needed some quick birthday cards to take, so I was happy to have this Poppin’ Birthday kit available to use.  I could have used the designs already prepared, but I thought the designer card stock was so cute, I decided to make an alternative card. 

I love how the designer card stock includes a variety of bright colors such as Bermuda Bay, Daffodil Delight, and Poppy Parade.  I pulled on the Bermuda Bay color for the card base and used the scattered dot paper to highlight the sentiment.  To build the sentiment focus, I stamped color on color confetti on the scalloped banner and added some metallic silver thread (not in the kit).  I used a 2  3/8 inch scallop punch to bring back the Bermuda Bay base color and stamped a sentiment on a 2 inch white circle.  Finally, I added a birthday hat for some extra cuteness. 

Here is another card I made, but used Poppy Parade as the card base this time.  Still a super cute card for the special birthday person! 

Then I wanted to try a card with the “pop up” birthday cake, but I didn’t want to do another “pop up” card.  So I cut the birthday cakes out and made another design.

This card turned out great!!  I decided to pull on the basic gray for the card base color and topped it off with the gray striped designer card stock.  Adding a confetti stamped banner, with the stacked birthday cakes makes this card looks yummy!!  I added some bows, a sentiment and birthday hat to top off this cute card!!!  What do you think?

This next card is for my mom.  Since this birthday is an extra special one, I added her birthday age (some people don’t like their age on their card), to make this an extra special one. 

I used Poppy Parade card stock for the base and used the striped designer card stock from the kit as the background.  I cut this card stock to make one panel and stamped the confetti to add color.  I then used the scalloped banner and pennant banner from the kit.  I did add some metallic silver thread under the pennant banner with sentiment to give it a little sparkle.  Once I had this all in place, I added the numbers and birthday hat from the kit.  I think it turned out pretty cute, and I’m sure my mom will love it!!

If you find yourself in a jam and need some quick cards, the Paper Pumpkin is a great resource to use.  The designed cards are fabulous, and there is always plenty of extra material to make more cards.  However, sometimes I also enjoy adding a twist with some alternative designs.

Check out the video from Stampin’ UP! to see how this kit is suppose to be done. 

If you’re looking for some quick handcrafted cards, check out the Paper Pumpkin monthly subscription link.  Fabulous designs, products, and plenty of extra materials for more crafting fun!!    Remember to subscribe by the 10th of each month and be on the lookout for your orange Paper Pumpkin!!

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  1. Chantelle Jeffers

    cute designs my daughter is going to love your tutorial. Thanks for posting

  2. jen

    Well these are just cute!

  3. Cindy

    I love handmade cards. These turned out so cute!

  4. Lina

    These are so cute! I love DIY cards!

  5. Michelle

    These turned out so cute – I used to make cards/invitations for a living for a time and they can be some of the most prized keepsakes for some! I always kept a copy of each design for myself. 🙂

    1. Annette Durbin

      That’s what I love about handmade cards. Each is so unique and made with a special perspective of the recipient. I don’t keep a hard copy design, but I do keep pictures for more inspiration.

  6. Magan

    Very cute idea! I think my kiddos would love it.

  7. Heather

    Super cute! I am a discount demonstrator. I love SU products. This is a great card.

  8. Barbara

    Beautiful cards. I use stamp it up and now my cricut maker to make cards.

  9. Tricia Snow

    These are super cute! This will save a ton of money too!

  10. Dena

    So cute! What a fun way to celebrate birthday’s with a personal touch! I love that it’s a subscription box too! Wow! 🙂

    1. Annette Durbin

      Yes, the kit has lots of great ideas, but fun to be inspired to making something new.

  11. Stephanie Dee

    Love the Pop-Up cards. These are so adorable, and they look do-able even for a less than crafty person.

    1. Annette Durbin

      Thanks, Stephanie. Yes, the kit makes these easy for all crafting levels.

  12. Maria

    Cute cards, I’m a huge stampin’ up fan!

  13. Kymberly Irwin

    I really like this!! When my son was younger and he was invited to so many birthday parties. I made small handwritten cards (nothing like this) and included three dollars with a note that said, “Instead of buying a card, I’m giving you the $3!) All the kids loved it. Most cards get thrown away. I love this idea. Inexpensive and the person still gets a cute card.

  14. Catherine

    I love to make handmade cards, but these are next level! They are beautiful. I will be trying these next time!

    1. Annette Durbin

      Great, Catherine!! I’d love to see some of your creations!!

  15. Suzan

    What a fun project! Sentiments from the heart are always better than pre-scripted “hallmark” ones. Thank you for the info!

    1. Annette Durbin

      I totally agree!!! Before I made cards, I think of all the time I spent trying to find “the right” card. Now, I make each one unique with a special sentiment.

  16. Leigh Ann

    You are so talented! I’m lucky if I remember to BUY a card, lol!

    1. Annette Durbin

      LOL!! Yes, I have a list for each month, but life does get busy. Once in awhile, I’ll forget to send the card. I still do, it’s just a late.

  17. Sheila

    My step-mom makes cards and I absolutely love getting them. The creativity she puts into them is unbelievable! These are the things that people will cherish for years. You’ve done some beautiful work, thanks for sharing!

    1. Annette Durbin

      Thank you!! My mom has saved every card I’ve made. She uses them for seasonal decorations, too.

  18. Holly Bird

    This is amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing…I can’t wai to try this!!

  19. Kendra

    I haven’t heard of Stampin’ Up in years! I’m glad they’re still around. We LOVED having family card making days with their products but somehow got away from it. I need to bring it back! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Annette Durbin

      Thank you!! Yes, I enjoy getting together with friends and family to craft, too. It is such a relaxing experience.

  20. Chris

    Great designs, very unique! Thanks for sharing them.

  21. Beth

    I would love to get into card-making. I love them so <3

    1. Annette Durbin

      Card making is such a fun, relaxing way to spend some time. Giving a handcrafted item is very meaningful, too. I’d be happy to share ideas and resources, too.

  22. Becky

    I have never heard of this subscription. They look like so much fun and I bet kids would enjoy making them too.

    1. Annette Durbin

      Yes!! I’ve tried the paper pumpkin with my school kiddos for holiday projects. They do enjoy making the cards to go with their gifts.

  23. Lisa Manderino

    Those cards are so cute! I love them! I am excited to see what else you design!

    1. Annette Durbin

      Thank you, Lisa!! I will certainly be posting and sharing more cards, inspiration, and tips. Follow me along!! I’d love to see what you are making, too.

  24. Jamie

    My mom probably wold have loved a kit like that. She always had a drawer full of cards ready for any occasion.

    1. Annette Durbin

      That is what I love about the Paper Pumpkin – having some cards “on hand” when needed. If I don’t have a specific card, I can quickly make something, too.

  25. Maureen

    Those are adorable! Maybe even a non-crafter like me could try!

    1. Annette Durbin

      You bet, Maureen! These kits are very easy! Directions and videos are included. You’d be surprised at how professional your work it. I’ve done “Paint Nights” where an artist walks you through an acrylic painting . . . I’m NOT an artist, but I LOVE the end results of what I have created with guidance. 🙂

  26. Brittany

    These are so cute! I find making cards mean so much more then spending money on one. And my goodness cards are so expensive now a days! Love your designs =)

    1. Annette Durbin

      Yes, Brittany, I agree!! Those cards at the store are expensive. Handcrafting a card is cheaper and more meaningful.

  27. I love home made cards. So fun! It’s been a while since I’ve made cards, I need to make some time to be more creative again and with this simple card set, I wouldn’t feel as overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Annette Durbin

      Thanks, Ruth!! These kits take all the “hard work” out. Everything you need from design, instructions, materials, and mailing envelopes. These are great kits for the busy person that doesn’t have time to self design and prepare cards.

  28. Angela

    Nice tutorial – thanks

  29. Joanne

    Great idea if you need a card in a hurry!

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